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We are a team of landscaping service provider. Retail & Wholesale of every varieties of plants. Waterfall & water bodies construction services. Contractor of Royal farmhouse ,beautyfull garden ,public parks, institutional gardens since 1985. Our team includes fully trained & experienced manager, superviser, team leader, workers, plumber, wall decoration artist, sales mans, drivers, research team, etc. Nursery(production) in area of 30 acre at kalwar road.

Retail and office at :tagore nagar ,ajmer road ,jaipur.


Maintanence work is done by the experts and the Tools used by HomeGardens are highly modern and Our team is skilled enough to face any gardening sollution.

Waterfall -fountain

Our company feels that a garden is not complete without a water feature. Whether it is a large pond or a small fountain, water brings both charm and dynamism into your garden. Water features transform an ordinary garden into a delightful sanctuary. The beauty of water has generated a romantic and peacefull feeling since the beginning of time. Presence of water is an essential part to any garden...

          So we design and create a waterfall to add a beauty to your garden or farmhouse. See some photos of gardens(landscape) with waterscape.

bonsai collection

Posted by Someone on April 15, 2012  •  Comments (64)  • 

The Bonsai tree is a miniature piece of breathtaking natural scenery grown in
a small pot.  But it is completely different from the average potted plant. Pine
bonsai and maple bonsai are something much more than potted pine and
maple.  While the enjoyment of potted plants comes from taking pleasure in
the beauty of the flowers, leaves, and fruits of plants, the marvel of the
bonsai tree lies in the delight gained from recreating in miniature form of the
shape of bonsai plants as seen in the natural world..email us

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